SidePage App

July 26, 2020

A Windows note app for the left side of the screen, that stays out of your way and show up when you need it, by moving the mouse on the top-left corner of the screen.

Quickly save thoughts, texts, web addresses. Any edits are live, what you see if what is in the file. Simplicity itself. You can configure the font, text and background colors. Portable and Installer available.

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ColorThis (CLI)

September 9, 2019

Say you have a batch file and you'd like the output of some of the commands to be in a certain color, like a tail, a grep, dir, etc. Here it comes colorthis. A simple way to color the output of a command.

colorthis E4 tail php_errors.log
PHP Notice: blabla is not defined.


colorthis E4
tail php_errors.log

PHP Notice: blabla is not defined.

Run without arguments to get the color code table.

0 - Black 8 - Gray
1 - Blue 9 - Light Blue
2 - Green A - Light Green
3 - Aqua B - Light Aqua
4 - Red C - Light Red
5 - Purple D - Light Purple
6 - Yellow E - Light Yellow
7 - White F - Bright White

You can also use colorthis to simply change the color point forward, all commands that run after colorthis (like a complex pipe, for instance), would output in the selected color. This allows you to even create "sections".


colorthis 71
echo This is a new color style
colorthis 70
echo back to normal

Another neat trick lets you change the whole screen color, try this:

colorthis 71

Currently available for Windows (32bit and 64bit) in a small (41Kb) size released as freeware.

Downloads: ColorThis (32bit) | ColorThis (64bit)

You can discuss ColorThis on HN


September 9, 2019

Hi there, I am Alex Dragusin and apart from nifty utilities, posting on various topics ranging from design, programming, AI and other cool stuff I am personally involved with. I do design work through Ypson.

If you need to get in touch, there's my e-mail down the page.