ColorThis (CLI)

September 9, 2019

Say you have a batch file and you'd like the output of some of the commands to be in a certain color, like a tail, a grep, dir, etc. Here it comes colorthis. A simple way to color the output of a command.

colorthis E4 tail php_errors.log
PHP Notice: blabla is not defined.


colorthis E4
tail php_errors.log

PHP Notice: blabla is not defined.

Run without arguments to get the color code table.

0 - Black 8 - Gray
1 - Blue 9 - Light Blue
2 - Green A - Light Green
3 - Aqua B - Light Aqua
4 - Red C - Light Red
5 - Purple D - Light Purple
6 - Yellow E - Light Yellow
7 - White F - Bright White

You can also use colorthis to simply change the color point forward, all commands that run after colorthis (like a complex pipe, for instance), would output in the selected color. This allows you to even create "sections".


colorthis 71
echo This is a new color style
colorthis 70
echo back to normal

Another neat trick lets you change the whole screen color, try this:

colorthis 71

Currently available for Windows (32bit and 64bit) in a small (41Kb) size released as freeware.

Downloads: ColorThis (32bit) | ColorThis (64bit)

You can discuss ColorThis on HN


September 9, 2019

Hi there, I am Alex Dragusin and apart from nifty utilities, posting on various topics ranging from design, programming, AI and other cool stuff I am personally involved with. I do design work through Ypson.

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